Hell Week and The Current Situation

Hello, hello!

Why am I on a posting spree? I posted in three consecutive days. But anyways, I’m actually trying to fill my blog again so it looks more lively but anyways. My hell week is coming and I mean, exam week is coming and I’m going to talk more about the whole restarting of the blog.

First, I will explain what is going to happen about the whole restarting of my blog thing.

First, I miss a lot of my posts especially the reviews. So, I’m going to repost some of my post.

Second, I’m regretting that I restarted. It feels like the same thing when I started where there’s no one interacting in my blog, no one’s commenting and looking my post and all of that is actually happening. The recent post, the Coconut Macaroons recipe, has 14 likes [that’s actually good] but there’s only 7 views. I don’t care about the views but it makes me regret my decision.

Third, I’m going to incorporate pictures a lot in future posts and I’m going to do a Photography feature.

Now, to the Hell week.

I have no classes today because of the heavy rain happening in the country. Also, tomorrow should be our exams but because there’s a suspension of class today, it’s going to be on Wednesday and tomorrow is going to be our preparation day but I’m preparing today because there are so many things to review.

Why am I saying this? i maybe inactive this week but not in the weekends. I will also be inactive next week as I will be finishing my projects and requirements.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that and I hope thing will be better: both the exams and the restarting of blog.


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11 thoughts on “Hell Week and The Current Situation

  1. I think it might take a while for your blog to build itself up again, but that doesn’t mean it’s not amazing! Good luck with your exams, I really hope they go well! I’ll look forward to more of your posts, reposted or not! Happy blogging..

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  2. I wrote a really important exam just before the summer so I know how you feel – there’s no time for anything else,but studying😂. So i widh you good luck and I hope it will be great! Also can’t wait to see more of your posts!💕 /KB

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  3. Don’t let yourself down ! Your a great blogger , don’t undermine yourself with number of views and comments .. People might have never stopped to read your port , they never found the time


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