I Survived The Hell Week!

Hello, hello!


If you don’t know what Hell Week means for me, hello and welcome to my blog. Actually, hell week means “exams week”. Why? Because exams week is actual hell. Anyways, I survived hell week and I’m just grateful that I survived and it’s done (for now!). So, because I love telling my boring life here, here’s a recap about the hell week!

1 // Hell week is composed of 4 days. First day was Filipino (our language here), Physical Education and Trigonometry. As this is just for the 1st day, everything wasn’t anything major. Filipino and Physical Education was pretty easy. Trigonometry is actually easy! I’m actually shocked. I mean, there are some points that are difficult but that rest was just so easy. I’m surprised and shocked! Why this was so easy for me? I reviewed! Just review and you’ll get a high score.

2 // Second day is Health, Social Studies and Math. Now, this was the sign that I was actually in Hell Week. Health is easy. Social Studies though, I almost died! It was just so hard, especially the Mhor’s type part in the exam. And surprisingly, Math was easier than Social Studies! Everything is turned upside down all of the sudden. I answered the Math answers with ease and then there’s SS. Well, good luck to me!

3 // Third day is Music, Arts and English. This was hard especially Arts. Music was at least easy. There were some parts where I got really confused but overall, I did it with ease. English was moderate easy. There were really some parts that are hard and I got confused a lot but the rest, easy. Arts was hell. You need to memorize a lot. I finished reviewing for Arts at midnight because it was too many and guess what? The test was just one page. One page for thousands of terms to memorized! And with that, good luck to me!

4 // Last day was Computer and Science. I called the last day the “Final Boss” because you need to memorize a lot in these subjects. But wait. It wasn’t actually hard. I thought it was going to be hard but no, it wasn’t! Computer was easy, so easy! I thought I was going to spend the entire hour for the exam but no. Science was easy, somehow. I got confused at some parts but in general, it was easy.

5 // Today, we checked our papers in Health, PE and Filipino and guess what? My score were amazing! I wasn’t that surprise as the exams were easy. We just have to wait for the remaining subjects.

Well, there we go! A full rant about the exams. I hope you enjoyed reading thatworthless blog post.


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11 thoughts on “I Survived The Hell Week!

  1. I really love reading these type of posts because they’re so relatable! I know this comment is a bit late (because I’ve also been super busy with school), but hell weeks are the worse! And at my school it isn’t even a week, because for whatever evil reason we only have 2 days for exams. So basically I get to take 5 exams per day, talk about hell right? Haha, so enough of my rant lol. I’m very glad to know that you did well in your exams, Jerrod (now I just sound like a Mom) 😂😂

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