Doing New Things

Hey there!

Judging from the title, I’m sure you know what I’ll be talking about in the post.I’m trying to learn new things, trying to improve my skills. I’m just basically doing a lot of new thing I’d never dared to do in the past.

Why am I doing this? I just want to improve myself. I just want to exceed my skills. I read a post on Instagram by a girl whose been bullied and she started doing things and improving herself and I got influenced to do the same thing. Also, some people also influenced me to do this thing.

So, one thing I’ve been doing is improving my graphic design skills. I love doing graphic designs, especially editing and typography. Improving my skill on them is one of my priorities because I know I can do a lot better. Another reason why I’m doing this is because recently, I look through some of my edits and I feel like I could improve (also, they’re very ultimate cringe stuff)

Number two and this is connected to the first one which is I’ve been learning to use Photoshop. I know.Yes, I’m crazy. Wanting to improve my graphic design skills, I need to learn how to use other tools so I decided to learn Photoshop. I actually had plans to learn Photoshop when I was Grade 7 or 8 but I didn’t had the time [well, you still don’t have the time Jerrod] so I decided to learn now!

Another thing is lettering! One of my friend (follow her on Instagram here. She wants a shout out here on my blog so here you go!] influenced me to start lettering and I’m not bragging but I’m getting better at it. I might share some of my pieces here next time! Also, I’ve been learning photography. Now that I have a good camera, I can finally practice and learn. I’m still a newbie so, I practice a lot in my spare time but you can see some of my photography on my Instagram HERE (I seriously need to imp

Last, I’ve been doing a lot better in focusing on stuffs that matters. I have a busy schedule everyday. School, blog, The Artistics and other stuff. That’s always my schedule and I have no time for distraction and lately, I’ve doing so well into focusing on important matter.

Doing a lot of new things is scary. I know but you need to step outside of your comfort zone. Trust me. When you’re out of that zone, you’ll feel better!

I hope you enjoyed this post.


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5 thoughts on “Doing New Things

  1. IMPROVeE on graphic designs? You’re already so good, how could you get better? I’m looking forward to EVEN more awesome graphics, you really are good. Good luck with Photoshop and Photography,though! I know when I get back to school I will be busier than ever. That’s why during these last days of my break, I’m trying to keep up with everything I need to do. Work, life, my blog, The Artistics etc…

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