Crazy (but not Hell) Week

Hey guys! I need your help! Please recommend some bloggers you think I would love in the comments! I really need some new blogs to read! Thank you!



I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22 but I really had a crazy week, filled with so much adventures and I mean, I experienced a lot of schoolworks and extra-curriculars! I experience a lots of twists and turns, and ups downs and I’m not being poetic at all. This week is crazy!

>> I forgot to submit my Science notebook last week so I need to submit it late. When I was about to submit it, my teacher quickly shut me off and said he would think about it. While everyone’s reporting, I’m there, worried about what’s going to happen if my teacher don’t let me pass it! At the end of the class, he actually let me pass my notebook! YAY!

>> Guess what? I almost didn’t passed my English notebook. My teacher said to pass our notebooks and when I was rummaging in my bag, I realized that I didn’t bring it. I asked my teacher what would happen if I didn’t pass it that day and he said, I’ll lose 50 points! So, my brain quickly created a plan. The plan was to go home, get my notebook, go back to the school and pass it! Guess what? It worked! Another YAY for me!

>> We’re doing a Speech Choir for our English requirement and boy, it so hard. Our piece is A Psalm of Life by Henry Wadsworth Longfelt. We have to memorize that but our teacher said, we do not need to memorize all but there’s an extra point if a group can memorize the entire piece and because our group are risk takers or we just want the extra point, we memorized the whole thing. That’s not the stressful part though. Then, after we memorized, we set the intonations of the lines and how we’re going to say it. And then comes the choreography which is really stressful! Wish us luck on Monday[yes, we’re going to perform it on Monday]

>> We finally finsihed reporting our business plan on Computer. For our Computer requirement, we need to make a business plan and report it. Our group were the last group to report. We’re so lucky right? No! There’s continouos suspension of classes and events so the reporting kept getting rescheduled but this week, we finally did it and our teacher liked our product!

>> Today, I participated in our school student publication’s training program, which is called “Intensive Training Program for Campus Journalism” and the elimination for DSPC or Divisions Schools Press Conference. It’s an annual interschool competition for members of the student publication. My category was Copyreading and Headline Writing, one of the hardest categories. The thing about this categories is it’s all about technicalities of a written piece and I kind of suck at technicalities and there are symbols and rules you need to know. I did my very best on the elimination and I hope I can join the DSPC because I never had the chance to join the competition and I want to! Oh, I really wish I can join!

Well, that was quite long than expected but I hope you enjoyed that! Don’t forget to comment some blogger recommendations!


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6 thoughts on “Crazy (but not Hell) Week

  1. CRAZY. I’ve just got back to school, and a hurricane and a storm are on their way, ahah. It’s the calm before the storm of school and exams!! Your week just seems really hectic. Glad you managed to pass on your English and Science notebooks, a close shave!

    Blog recommendations? Now, that’s a hard one. I’m not sure what bloggers you would enjoy reading, to be honest. I mean a follow quite a few, thepeanutbuttersite, justelm, etc…but I’m not sure
    But, for self-promotion reasons, I will give you a list:
    1. My blog (My Bookish Life)
    2. Same as 1
    3. Same as 2
    I hope this very informative, ahah 😀

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  2. Well, that week was really crazy indeed! Hope that school had been much better to you last week. I’ve always wanted to represent my school during DSPC for the Photojourn category but never had the confidence to 😅, hopefully you did well and made it through the elmination round! Best luck in school. 😊

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