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Hello there, mate!


Well, it’s Monday and Monday sucks, I know. Even though we all hate Monday [poor Monday], I’m going to sneak in an update from yours truly. Warning: this is quite long but I hope you read the whole thing because some of the updates are important. Enjoy!

>> You probably know that I have a Twitter account (@jerrodlopez_) but the problem is that it’s a personal account and it’s connected to my blog so whenever I post, my followers (my classmates and schoolmates) will see it and I probably spamming their feed. I thought that maybe I need to do a Twitter account for this blog but the problem is it may be inconvenient because I’m managing two accounts and I think some of my friends will know it because they are “fans” of my blog. So, please help me. Do I make one or not?

>> From the title itself, I redesigned my blog! My blog has a new theme and layout and other new things. What I love about the new design is the background, the geometric pattern. So, what do you think about the design? Is it good or meh? Do you have any suggestions?

>> You, guys, know that I restarted my whole blog. For those who don’t, I did restart my blog by deleting all my post and changing the blog. I hope you’re liking the new version of this blog. I actually love it! I didn’t expect that I would like it and I thought I need to restart again. So, do you like the itsJerrod version 2.0?

>> So lately, I had been so tired! Every time I go home, I fall asleep immediately. I don’t know what’s actually happening. There’s not much of a schoolwork and blog works but I’m feeling very tired. I hope this week will  be better.

>> Did you remember the last Life Snippet where I said that I participated in the elimination for DSPC? If you don’t know, DSPC is an interschool competition for the members of the student publication. Well, I wasn’t chosen for the competition. I was bummed, of course, but there’s always next time!

>> Last, I really wanted to do collabs with other bloggers so I think now is the time! So, if you want to have a collab with me, just comment down below but if you’re shy [you shouldn’t be. i don’t bite, i swear!], you can email me at aniellejerrod[at]gmail[dot]com.

I hope you enjoy reading that ramblings and updates.


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PS Well, that was too much. I hope you still read all of that haha

7 thoughts on “Twitter, Blog Redesign, Collab, Life and Others

  1. I’m not much of a fan of themes with the nav menu merged on the sidebar personally, but I’ve seen it work well with other bloggers. It certainly does on yours 😊 Totally love the geometric background and the bright color!
    As for Twitter, I too use my personal account for my blog. What I do is that I make it a habit to uncheck Twitter on the Sharing Options at the right of the Post Editor (…? Let me know if you dunno what I mean) so there won’t be a generic automatic tweet when I publish something and I’ll just write a tweet directly on the app if I want to ‘promote’ a blog post whenever. Hope that helped 😊


  2. Wow, that’s a lot of exciting updates!

    I’m not sure about your Twitter account but here’s what I think you should do: Create another one for your blog and promote it on your personal Twitter account so your fellow fans can follow your blog Twitter and those who don’t want to, won’t feel like your spamming them! Not that my advice is the best as managing two accounts may be pretty hard to juggle, 😀

    I LOVE your new theme and design. The background, the (2015?), the font, the colours and even the image in this post!

    What would the collab be about, I’m curious? Hope you get a good rest and happy blogging!

    P.S Sorry for the long comment 🙂

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