I Still Haven’t Moved On About the US Election

This topic might not be relevant anymore but I still want to talk about it. You may have moved on but I still haven’t. I’m not even American but this affected me tremendously and I mean it. I’m not going to fill this post with a lot of negativity because the world had enough with negativity. I just don’t want to add in the burden. I’m gonna try to remain this as light as possible.

If you still haven’t heard, Trump won the US Elections. I’m just going to say the fact that I thought Hillary was gonna win. Of course, I was shocked when suddenly, Trump was in the lead and when I saw him in the lead, I am sure that he’s going to win.

I don’t hate hate Trump but what I hate about him is his beliefs on things. I hate ideals. I hate his ideologies on things. I also don’t like Hillary because I hated some of her beliefs too but I would rather have her as the President than Trump (I’ll get some hate just by saying that, I know! And i don’t care!)

When I heard the results, I was pissed and a lot of rage was rushing in my veins because why the hell would America vote someone like him? And then, I realize I was just disappointed. I’m not angry but disappointed.. And then I realize other things. Number 1, I wasn’t disappointed about Trump because I think his administration would be at least beneficial. Number 2, I was actually really disappointed about the people who voted. So instead of filling this with Trump hate because as said, I don’t hate him that much and I wouldn’t fill this with Clinton love. I wouldn’t say that she should have won because I also hate some of her beliefs and it’s too late. Trump already won so what’s the point of me saying that she should have won? Instead, I would talk about the people who voted.

I am happy that most millenials voted for Hillary who believes on equality because these millenials would be the future of America and I think them having the same belief on equality as Hillary would be really good.

What I’m not happy about is that there are still so many people who share the same views as Trump. There are still so many people that believes on racism, sexism, hate on LGBT and hate on other religion. I thought majority of people now believed in equality and I thought we were all making progress. I just had these hope that our world will soon be filled with love and seeing how many people believed on discrimination, it just shattered my hope that we’ll soon attain peace on society.

But I still believe that everything has its reason. The universe made this happen, maybe there’s a reason why the universe made this happen. Maybe the reason is that it’s showing that in this kind of days, we shouldn’t lose hope. That we should never give. That we should keep that hope alive. Maybe, the ultimate reason for this is that it’s showing us to remain strong.

I’m scared too but don’t worry. We’ll get through this.

Also, you might question, “why are you scared? you’re not american.”. Well, we’re still affected because our president is looking forward into collaborating with Trump so we’ll see how it’ll affect not only America, but also the world.

Just a note: this post is not entirely pointed towards the Trump supporters. I know that some Trump supporters appreciates equality.


17 thoughts on “I Still Haven’t Moved On About the US Election

  1. Agreed. I was disappointed in the results and angry. I don’t understand why people voted for him. I thought equality was getting somewhere, clearly not. I just think Trump is going to untie all the amazing things we have accomplished. We were getting somewhere, and now he is president he might undo all those amazing things we well we have done. But, again, Hillary wasn’t much better, in my opnion. Yes, she should’ve and could’ve won. So, even though I don’t live in America, we’re kinda DOOMED 😛

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  2. We’ve been taking a lot about the election in my history class and I see where you’re coming from, but I’ve also learned a lot this year from studying American history. I went out and voted with my dad for the first time and I really had hope that Florida would be democratic this year but i lost hope when the gap kept widening between Trump and Hilary. Then when I started taking more to other people I realized that I had expected most Hispanics to vote for Hilary without really thinking about it. We have a lot of Cubans and they usually vote Republican and many Hispanics are also Roman Catholic and they are ridiculously against abortion. Apparently some Hispanics voted Trump for his stance on it because that’s what their main issue was. There are absolutely racist people who voted purely for his hate speech and those people are sickening. One of my friend’s neighborhoods was fucked up by racist white people nearby. But since we lost because of the states in the rust belt it’s about more than race or hatred. People in those states voted because their jobs haven’t come back and they feel forgotten by the rest of the country. The scariest thing besides a Trump president is the all Republican government but that’s a whole new level of fear. I’ve accepted that he’ll be president and the only thing we can do is fight every time he threatens our rights and support each other.

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    • I agree. I already accepted him as the President. I think I understand more why Americans voted for him but judging from the outcomes of the elections, racism and hate reports increased so I think there’s more who voted him for the racism and hate speeches. You’re absolutely right about fighting. When he threatens the rights of people, I think everyone should stand up because it’s absolutely evil to reverse human rights.

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      • Yeah, there’s been some terrible stuff happening. But I have a little hope still that things won’t go to complete shit. I went to a gay pride parade yesterday and so near to the election results it would have been a good time to anyone hateful enough to start something, but it went really well so maybe there’s not as much hatred as there seemed to be (at least in my area).

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  3. I agree with everything you said, how could people vote for that guy? Honestly, even though I was with Hillary, I somehow knew he was gonna win. Everybody was talking about him and his controversial affirmations were everywhere!
    Love this post! XD XD

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