An Important Update!

Hey guys!

I’m just going to say this straight and this is not a joke or anything. I’m quitting blogging for now! I will not blog for now, although I really want to blog this December.

You may be asking “why”?”. For the past few days, I’ve been drafting blog posts and one thing I notice is that I don’t have any motivation or will to do this because I don’t have any inspiration. I’m lacking inspiration. I know that inspiration is all around but I can’t find any and I’m pissed about it.

It’s like I’m writing but not really because all that I’m typing is non-sense. You might be thinking that I’m only lazy or something but no, I’m not. It’s not something like that. I just can’t find the will to do it.

So to “cure” this, I’m going to have maybe a long hiatus but maybe I’ll post on December 25 or 26 or on the end of the year.

Sorry because I know I promised that I will be back after a very long break but I really need it right now. But don’t worry, I’ll be back!

Goodbye and see next year, I guess.

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Any thoughts?

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