A Message Before 2016 Ends

Before the actual post, I just want to say thank you because WordPress is still clickbait free. I hate clickbait and if I see clickbait, I would freak out and get upset because why are so many desperate people in the world? Why? Anyways, now to the actual post


I published 3 posts in one day! Why am I so productive all of a sudden? Anyways, 2016 is ending and before it ends I just want to say a message.

First of all, thank you for the support you have given to this blog. It’s just heartwarming to see that actual people like the stuff I’ve been creating. I made this blog on 2015 and never have I ever thought that this blog would still exist up until now and this blog wouldn’t continue if you haven’t supported me. You supported my silly ideas, my silly posts and everything I do.

Also, thank you thank you to my friends here in the blogosphere for being in my side always and sticking with me! You, guys, are so amazing and I’m so thankful that I have great friends!

Second of all, we all know that 2016 has been awful to us. There’s a lot of tragic moments, hatred is tolerated, violence had been influenced, we lost many great people in our lives, but LET’S SPREAD POSITIVITY! Yup, 2016 may be bad but we can learn from the mistake we made this 2016 and apply these lessons in 2017 and maybe, 2017 wouldn’t be bad at all!

2016 was bad but let’s look at the bright side of things. 2016 was a year of opportunity (I’m very sure of that!). It was a year of wonderful things, we should just focus on that, rather than the awful things that had happened.

That’s all. I know it’s short but I just want to make it simple. I hope you enjoy this post and see you next year!

9 thoughts on “A Message Before 2016 Ends

  1. I did enjoy this post, thank you! And you’re so right. 2016 has been filled with opportunity to grow, to learn, and to find happiness, just as much as it’s been filled with negativity. Thank you for being positive and making my day a little brighter ❤ xx

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