What The Hell Happened in my 2016?

Hello there!


Before 2016 leaves and 2017 comes, I just want to reminisce the events and highlights that had happened in my life because although 2016 has been rough, it’s not that bad after all. I had some ups and a lot of happy moments and I just want to remember that and posting it in here would help me to preserve the memories of this year.

January to March 2016 was my last school months as a Grade 8 pupil. Grade 8 was a really bad school year for me. I had a lot of failing scores in my tests, I was just lucky that I still got good grades. I didn’t join the top 15 which pissed me off. Although this was bad, it definitely made me motivated to do better next school year.

As I experienced the first three months of 2016, I begin stressing because I’m going to finish Grade 8 and head back to Grade 9 which is already crazy because I’m just years away from college which is another crazy thing, then I started thinking about jobs, finance, my own house, starting my own career, etc. I just went crazy.

Although January to March was crazy, I can’t help thinking about leaving my classmates and friends and not seeing each other in two months because I had a lot (and I mean a LOT!) of happy moments with them and I realized how much I’m going to miss them.

Then summer came and it was the worst summer I’ve ever encountered. First of all, it was so boring, just staring at my phone or computer all day. Second of all, I felt how hard it is to have a broken family. It’s hard, I have to tell you that. My father is always going home late and sometimes drunk and it is just too much for me to handle. We sometimes fight and one time, it led me where I almost run away from home my sister wasn’t around because she had an internship in another place.

Then another school year came. I’m Grade 9. I was more nervous than Grade 8 or even Grade 7 and there are plenty of reasons. First of all, the school now has Grade 11 and 12 which means a lot of people and that means I have higher social anxiety. Second of all, we’re in a new campus where the college studies. Third of all, everyone says Grade 9 is the hardest school year ever and I pretty much believe it. Fourth of all, new teachers which mean I need to adapt to their style.

Grade 9 is yes, so hard and stressful, yet I’m doing well! I have the motivation to study and to perform well! Grade 9 can be really stressful but it is so fun! The new teachers were amazing! I got used at the new campus immediately and I’m handling my social anxiety pretty well! Also, there were transferees and I’m friends with them! There’s a lot of experiences I had in this current school year and I’m going to share a few of them!

First of all, our class went to the Moot Court (like the court where lawyers and the judge go an there’s criminals and all that stuff) and it was exciting! Basically, we have this role play in the English class about Lord Randal (the Middle English period ballad) where we determine who killed him and of course, there were judges and lawyers and the convicted and we held it on the Moot Court of the school and it was thrilling!

Then we had our Intramurals which is exciting! The whole grade 9 is team Blue Falcons. This is exciting because I joined a competition in the Intramurals which the dance competition. It’s very significant for me because I finally exited my comfort zone. Anyways, this year’s Intramurals was amazing. We’re in a new venue, we were cheering so hard for our team, we were so close to winning! It was memorable!

Then we had our recognition for 1st and second semesters/quarters. It was just a simple recognition for being on the honor roll but it’s not simple for me! I maintained to be on the honor roll for 2 quarters and that’s bloody insane! I got this certificate which I probably had lost (OH NO!). anyways, I have no picture of the certificate saved but we had this “class picture” but I won’t show you that because I’m freaking ugly there.

Those were probably the best highlight I could for Grade 9.That doesn’t mean I had no stress or problems in this school yeear. First of all, I wasn’t emotionally okay the whole school year because I had started making assumptions that everyone hates and rejecting me based on how they act when I’m around. It feels like I’m the eveil one is the whole class and it sucks. When we had this sharing in the whole class, I said that and some of them was disagrreing which is good but others just fell silent.

Also, school is stressful! We all know that. It’s very stressful especially for me. I had a scholarship to maintain, a blog to care, an online magazine to manage and etcetera. This year has been stressful!

But one thing to look at is this year has been full of opportunities! Here are some goals I achieved throughout the year:

  • I manage to run an online magazine called The Artistics which is so amazing. I would also like to thank the staff for a wonderful year of The Artistics!
  • I manage to read a lot of books this year and I have read many amazing books!
  • I restarted my blog and I like it very very much!
  • I still maintained my scholarship and remained on the honor roll!
  • I made some friends here in the blogosphere!
  • My relationship with my friends has grown stronger
  • The most stupid of them all is that I got taller. I know it’s stupid but I still count it as a goals.

This year has been full of good and bad but one thing I remember about 2016 is the lessons that made me better. 2016 has supported me, made me better, developed me and all that kind of stuff so I’m ready to strut my way to 2017!

I hope you enjoyed reading that post. Be ready for itsJerrod 2017 because I have prepared a lot for the next year. I will see you tomorrow! Bye

3 thoughts on “What The Hell Happened in my 2016?

  1. sounds like you had some wonderful moments this year! I can relate to you on the broken family bit – my parents have been divorced for 11 years now and its aftershocks still drive me insane. I’ve had numerous arguments with both parents and I hate it so much.
    also, I’m sure you meant no harm but you probably want to take down those photos of you and your class. Some of your classmates may not want their face to be online – just a heads up xx

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