Why Is The 1st Week of 2017 Stressful?

Hello there!


Wow! 2017 welcomed me with a stressful week with school! Good job, 2017, for proving you’re better than 2016! Anyways, it’s just the first few days of 2017 so I’ll let this pass. The thing is I’m greeted with lots of projects, homeworks and tests this week and I’m used to it. I handled it but there are just some times you want to shout because of all the stresss.

> One of the highlights was on Tuesday, our first school day of 2017. In English time, we listened to the radio play, Sorry, Wrong Number by Lucille Fletcher, and IT WAS SO AMAZING! The radio play was suspense and it was totally suspense. The story was so amazing and the actor too! She delivered the emotions very well and it’s so suspense because you don’t know what’s going to happen next. I recommend searching it if you don’t know this radio play and listen to it!

> I got a ABC Daily Journal by my friend on Christmas party and I’ve been using it over the past few days (although I missed 2 days) and I’ve been enjoying it. It’s great that you can write how your day went and simultaneously designed it by your own will. I recommend trying journaling for those of you!

> ED SHEERAN IS BACK! Finally, he’s back with two singles, Castle on The Hill and Shape of You and both are amazing songs! I can’t stop listening to it. If you’re going to ask which one of my favorite is, please don’t because both are amazing and I can’t choose. That’s how amazing it is!

> Our teachers from my school greeted us not with kindness but with schoolworks. We have 4 projects on English (a radio play about either David Swan or The Cask of Amontillado, also that’s why we listened to Sorry, Wrong Number), Computer (a 3D motherboard), Science (a video about chemical reactions and how it affects life and environment and we got Cellular Respiration and how it affects life and the environment), and Music (a song about the Romantic period or Romantic music). And then we have quizzes and homeworks.

> As a form of relaxation, my friend and I went to a mall and I use the money my aunts, uncles and grandparents gave to me on Christmas party to buy stuffs. I bought two clothes, one with the print Love Is Viral (the design is amazing), and a gray t-shirt with kind of a marble texture (the design is amazing too!). Also, I bought Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard! I didn’t buy a lot because I don’t want to waste all of my money.

That’s all I got for you guys (WOAH I TURNED TO LIZA KOSHY!) (Also, I lov Liza Koshy. She’s amazing and one of my favorite YouTubers). Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you next time!


Any thoughts?

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