I Assure You That’s I’m Back!

Okay! I’m back! I’m officially back!

First of all, I’m so sorry that I took a long long break and not even informing you guys also because, I said that I was back then I take the longest hiatus in my blogging history. Sorry. And there’s only one thing to blame. Oh no. There’s actually 3!

Number one is school. School is really harsh right now! It was just insane. First of all, we had exams, then the week after exams, we need to finish projects and requirements fast because the grades should be computed then the week after that, we had a lot of quizzes and some projects and then, the whole school got observed by an accrediting organization in the country then the week after that were more relax so I used that to rest and then the riot began again. I got to deal with emotional problems which involves school (not really but I won’t tell what’s the connection because it’s private and my freaking classmate can view this post because news flash, they know that i’m a blogger!). Also, just this week, we had a very stressful exams again! Then next week, we have to do projects. Also,  just a note, it’s our last semester for the school year so a lot of schoolworks will come especially FINALS (NOOOO!) so if I don’t post for a week, you know why.

Number two is TV shows! You know that I love TV series and our wifi got fixed ages ago so it opened an opportunity to watch the TV shows I missed (especially DC shows) and then I watched two new shows. I started THE 100 and oh my, it’s amazing! The plot is amazing and every episode there’s a conflict so every episode is interesting and entertaining, not boring. And I just started Orphan Black this week and HOLY SHITE (nice cheeky reference there), it’s freaking brilliant! The concept for the whole show is just clever and Tatiana Maslany is an amazing actress!

Number three is problems with myself and my relationships to other people (friendship, I mean. I’m not taken, mkay?). I won’t tell you the problems because they’re so so so private. This blog is like my little journal but I can’t tell everything here since it’s so open to public.

Anyways, there are the reasons why I was gone for such long. But I promise with my heart that I’m officially back and that I’ll make my blog as a priority again. That means I’ll interact more to you all and post frequently again.

So, I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you tomorrow with another post! Bye!

5 thoughts on “I Assure You That’s I’m Back!

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