Show and Tell // A Day in A Life

Hey there. Sorry for not posting even though I said that I’m surely back but yes, I am. I’m just preoccupied with a LOT of schoolworks since our finals are coming and this computer I’m using is lagging but it’s okay now, I guess. Enough with this, I hope you enjoy this post!



I love organization! If something isn’t organized, I’m going to freak out (this is both hyperbole and not hyperbole) and I can say I live an organized life (sometimes messed up) and to maintain this organization, I need a routine.

Routine for me is very interesting and I don’t even know why (I’m such a weirdo) and I thought maybe sharing this routine of mine but I had a problem how. And then I thought of making a Day in a Life just like what every Youtuber do but instead of a video/vlog, I’m doing it in a post! Let’s go, shall we?


Of course, your day won’t start if you don’t wake up. Because of school, I always wake up in 5:45 AM. In the weekends, I usually wake up in between 7:00 AM to 9:00 because my body clock is adjusted but when I slept early, I wake up 3:00 AM to 4:00 AM.

What do I do after I wake up? In weekdays, I prepare my bag (if I didn’t prepare it) and my school uniform, and then take a bath. After I take a bath and wear my uniform, I eat breakfast (if not in rush) and check my phone. We leave the house at 7:00 AM because I am always with my Dad so it really takes a long time to leave the house. In weekends, I usually check my phone, eat, read, write a To-Do list.


`My first class starts at 7:30 and of course, to avoid being late, I need to get in the school before that time. Also, in a day, we have a specific schedule so my schedule depends on the day. If it’s Monday, my first class is English and if it’s Friday, my first class is Social Studies.


My dismissal time is 3:30 PM and after dismissal, I usually stay in school and do activities like group works, extra curricular or just seat works that needed to be passed at the end of the day.


Since the campus where we go is close to the hospital where my mom is working, I usually go there to get extra allowance (YAY FOR ALLOWANCE!) and any food like food for dinner or snacks to eat. Also, when my sister needs something from my mom, my mom will give it to me so I can give it to my sister.


I usually get home around 5 PM and what I do when I get home is just relax because some days can be really tough. I always do this so I can’t freak out when doing works on both school and blog. That way I can do the task quickly.


After one hour of resting and relaxation, I do my homeworks. If there’s no homework, I either go back to resting, do something random, binge watch or do some blog works.


One hour after, I eat but sometimes, I don’t eat because I’m doing a hard homework or a group project that I need to do immediately but when I don’t have those, I eat dinner usually around 7 PM


Around 7:30, I do anything I want or need to do. I usually continue doing my homeworks and project but if I’m finish with them, I’m on my social media (ugh, I’m such a typical teenager!), doing blog works, reading, binge watching series or having a movie marathon.


After doing a really long homework or a project, or writing a long blog post, or just after a movie marathon, I sleep around 11:00 PM or worse (The worst time I go to sleep is 2:00 AM)

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