Hell Week Has Come

Hello guys.

It’s Jerrod but not the Jerrod you typically know because right now, the Jerrod who’s writing this post is a mess. I’m kidding but to be honest, I’m stressed. I feel like my head’s going to explode but it feels good to talk about what I’m feeling right now.

So, it’s Hell Week here, guys, which means exams week. But this isn’t just any exam, it’s the Finals! ( why the hell did I make it so climatic?) Yes, it’s finals week here and it’s so goddamn stressful.

Right now, I’m doing projects because they need to be passed. One is a business plan. Yes, we’re doing a business plan. Our product is a water bottle with a purifying straw. I know that it isn’t very original but we didn’t know that there were other companies doing products like what we made until we searched for some competitors.

Another one is a stage play! We’re doing Forsaken House, which is a Filipino play written in English. I’m not an actor (but I wanted to), I’m just a propsman but I’m in charge of doing the playbill and booklet about the play and I haven’t started a thing and our teacher needs a draft of the playbill tomorrow.

Right now, I’m sneezing and experiencing dizziness while doing our business plan but I can handle this, I’m used to it!

Also, I’m listening to Dear Evan Hansen and let’s talk about this musical because it’s AMAZING! It’s so dang relatable and inspiration, and the songs are very good! Favorites are Requiem, If I Could Tell Her, Disappear and You Will Be Found. These songs hit me right in the feels. You should definitely listen to the album!

That’s only for today. You’ll see more of me in vacation but right now, I’m very occupied so give me time! Goodbye!

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