This Past Few Weeks…

Hello there!


First of all, I know that I have been lacking because of school but I cannot blame school anymore because my school year is over and it’s finally our vacation so the reason why I have been lacking is me. I have been unproductive lately and I don’t know which one to prioritize but I’ll talk about this matter on another blog post.

As you have know, I have been absent in the blogosphere for weeks but that is because of school entirely, not me, but a lot has happened and I want to share it all to you guys so here it is!

– From March 14 to 17, I had my Finals and boy oh boy, they’re tough. I only remember bits and pieces from this week or so I call “Hell Week”, but here’s what I do. First is I failed my Math test so that made me pretty upset because it’s the Finals and I still keep getting failing grades on tests! Second is being challenged by my Trigonometry, Science and Computer test. These were the “Boss” of the “Hell Week” especially Science.

– After hell week, it’s Drama Feast 2017! From the name of it, each section from our year level needs to prepare a stage play. The fest happened at March 23. We were planning this for 3 weeks I guess and all of us were just happy we pulled it off. There were 4 sections and three of them picked a light stage play, usually the comedy ones, but us, our section, picked a stage play that was just so heavy in emotions. Trust me, we were in the backstage, just crying, hearing the actors have their dramatic scenes. Our experience on the stage was absolutely stressful because we had problems with the lapels but after all of that, we were all happy that we made it through without a really big complication

– The day before our Drama Fest was the Robotics Fair. It was fun but we also have our technical rehearsals for the play the same day so we’re a bit mad that we could have just used the time spend on the Robotics Fair for the practice. Personally, the fair was fun but yes, I think we should have used the time for the practice instead of the fair because nothing happened that much.

– The week after, which is the week right now, we had our oral defense for the business plan I was talking about the previous post. To be honest, we didn’t very well. One of the panelist just asked so many questions irrelevant to the actual product then we have to answer a question about adsorption which we didn’t answer quite well.

– The same day as our oral defense, the honor roll was announced and guess what? I’M ON THE LIST! So, the next day, I received the letter of recognition which was basically a confirmation that I joined the honor roll and it was addressed to your parents. I’m just so happy because it’s one of my goals to be included in the honor roll so I’m satisfied. Also, the same day I received the letter, I had two morning coffees from McDo. Not spon, just saying!

– Last but not the least, the day after the Drama Fest (I know the events are not arrange in proper date, but this has to be the finale because this is amazing), we had our Promenade! Yes, so I got to wear a suit and I look dashing (no, I’m just being narcissistic). Did I dance with some girls? Yes, they were my friends, no more than that! Why am I getting defensive? Also, the weekend after the prom, I was a ringbearer at my relatives’ wedding.

– Another thing, I’ve been obsessed with Daredevil (finished season 1) and Legion (seriously! THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS EVER)

Okay, that was all. I hope you enjoyed this post and you’ll see me again tomorrow with another post. Bye!

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