My Blogging Status…

Hello guys!

As you have may know, I have been absent for weeks now in the blogosphere. I haven’t posted, talked to my fellow bloggers or interacted with them. What’s worst is that in previous post, I promised that I’m back and clearly, I broke that promise so I’m sorry.

March just end and I can say that March is one of the busiest months this year. A lot happened especially from school and that’s why I have been absent. I think I proved that school is the reason I have been absent with my previous post.  But now, I’m in my summer vacation (I know, lucky me!) so I have a lot of time in my hands but there’s still one problem: me.

Yes, I’m the problem. Why?

I don’t have my priorities straight. The only priority I had back then was school. Nothing else. Not my blog, not even The Artistics and I feel so bad for lacking as a blogger and the administrator of The Artistics. But as I said, it’s my summer vacation but still, I can’t have my priorities straight. I just spend days just in bed, binge-watching some TV shows and I feel so guilty. I made promises that I’m going to prioritize my blog and interact with some of my blogger friends but I break the promises and just become unproductive.

It’s been my character flaw that I don’t prioritize the right things and I should have improved myself but I let it affect my blog, one of the things I want to take care of but clearly, I haven’t taken care of it which makes me more guilty.

What’s worst is I can’t help to think to actually stop blogging and I seriously don’t want to do it. It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing anymore and interacting with my friends here but I know that I’ve been losing my will to make effort on writing posts, editing pictures for the blog and interacting. I’m losing it so sometimes, I think to stop because this is not what you, the readers of this blog, deserve and especially my blog itself.

But yesterday, after I published my post, I realized how I missed writing and having fun with it. Just releasing all my thoughts into the post and sharing what I feel and what happened with my life makes me so happy and I realized that I don’t want to stop blogging. I want to continue it. I remember back then, just imagining me when I’m an adult or just in college, still blogging. I just want to make that thought into something real.

Yes, I want to continue but it would be difficult for me to get back on my feet but I’m not saying that I’m going on a break or anything. I won’t but it will be hard for me to be back on my blogging routine, like posting, editing and etcetera, as I have been away from this routine from a long time.  But one thing is for sure, that I’m doing my best to be back on track!

Also, I just want to say thank you for the enormous patience you guys have shown to me. I appreciate it. I’ll make it up to you guys!

I hope you enjoy that little ramble of mine and you will see again next time. Bye!

11 thoughts on “My Blogging Status…

  1. I understand not being able to do your blog. I’ve been back and forth and gone and here and I feel awful! But I have a busy life and it’s hard because life stresses you out and you don’t want to do anything but lay in bed and watch Netflix😂 I almost quit my blog. I was so close. But my friends here, they wanted me to stay and they said I was an inspiration to them. It means so much to me to have someone tell me that. YOU are an inspiration to so many of us! And I love reading your posts! I hope you find the motivation to get back to blogging soon😊

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  2. I can literally relate SO MUCH!!! I have summer vacation too and I’ve been sitting at home binge watching Sherlock and re-reading Harry Potter and being so unproductive about my blog… I do have a lot of ideas to write and do love writing but I just can’t seem to bring myself to actually do it! Anyway can’t wait to see more posts from you and also on The Artistics!

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