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Before doing the tag and thanking who nominated me, I just wanted to say that I’ve created a new Instagram account. I’ve deleted my first one just to start over, I’m basically a perfectionist. Since this is a new account, I haven’t posted a thing but pictures will be coming! Make sure to follow by clicking HERE! I kind of followback (emphasis on the kind of)

Thank you Regina from Diversion3000 for nominating me to do this fun tag! Regina is one of my co-members on The Artistics and I recommend that you should follow her blog because it’s genuinely amazing! Also, she’s funny, interesting and a friendly person! Go check her blog and follow it!

Also, Elm made this tag so I just want to say thank you to Elm for creating this amazing tag! If you don’t know her (are you living on a rock or woke up from  a century-long hibernation?), she’s an amazing and wonderful person and also brilliant!

Now, let’s jump into this, shall we?


1. Thank the person that nominated you for this tag and link to their blog (spread the love, basically).
2. Write as many things that are unique to you as possible: these can be things that you do, say, like or have that make you different to other people or let you stand out. It can be what defines you as a person, a little thing about you that is just simply you or something little known that you think makes you up as a person.
3. Nominate up to 10 bloggers or as many as you like; there isn’t a limit.
4. You can take this tag as seriously or non-seriously as you like; you can laugh whilst doing it or feel contemplative: this is about you, after all.
5. After you’ve written this and if you ever feel like there’s nothing to you but what other people have already said and done, look back to your post and remember that it isn’t true.

Unique Things About Me:

  • I consider my ability to finish one season of a TV show in one day as a talent because I think it is! Recently, I just finish season 1 and season 2 of iZombie, both in one day!
  • I love watching and binge watching (the two terms are different) TV shows but it’s not just any love, like I have a commitment to watching these shows, especially the ones I like. I know, weird, but most of my days compose of binge watching!
  • I like studying about mythology, preferably Greek and Norse, thanks to the books of Rick Riordan! Ever since I’ve read his books, I’ve been fascinated about myths and stories about mythological creatures, and gods and goddesses. Shoot me any question about Greek or Norse myth and I may know the answer!
  • I love anything aesthetic! I’ve always been into aesthetics since I learned graphic designing. It’s just so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.
  • I have never been out of my country. Very tragic, I know!
  • It’s always been a habit for me to talk to myself about my theories and opinions on something, most of them are about TV shows sometimes.
  • I love anything about art and design. This is something similar with the my love for aesthetics. Since I’ve been doing graphic design, I just loved art and designs since!
  • I love watching baking videos on Youtube but never tried to the recipe because the oven in my house is broken.
  • I have a crazy sweet tooth, and I mean CRAZY!
  • I always say “Pop and EDM are so mainstream” but whenever a pop song or an edm is released, I always like it.
  • I attempt to dance like Lorde whenever Green Light plays.

The Nominees:

It seems like everyone I know has done this tag so if you haven’t done this and you want to, feel free to do it. It’s a fun and amazing tag to do!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Again, thank you to Regina and Elm (make sure to check their links)! I’ve enjoyed writing and doing this tag! Don’t forget to follow my new instagram account!


4 thoughts on “The Uniquely Me Tag

  1. Ooh yes greek and norse mythology!!! I am absolutely obsessed with them. I haven’t read the Magnus Chase series (I want to) and I got my obsession for norse mythology from liking Loki from the MCU so much😂😂 So I read up on the rest😂 (There’s this book called The Monstrous Child based on norse mythology. Maybe you’d like it? I just started reading so I can’t give an opinion yet)


  2. I loved this post!! XD I’m glad you enjoyed doing the tag! Thank you so much for what you said about me, you’re also a very friendly and nice person!!
    I’m gonna follow your new insta account right now!! XD
    P.S. Graphic design is the BOMB!!!!!


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