Where Was I?


I have been away from blogging for weeks now and that’s because of an unexpected vacation.

Weeks ago, we went to Baguio, a province here in my country. It was only for four days. I was with my cousins, my aunt and uncle and with my grandparents. When we were about to go home, my grandmother asked me to stay at their house and take a vacation there. I couldn’t say no so I said yes.

That was the unexpected vacation.

When we’re about to leave Baguio, I was expecting to go home, not at my grandparent’s house. Nevertheless, that was the reason I was away from blogging.

I had access to WiFi, yes, but what I don’t have access is to WordPress and my email (for The Artistics and other stuff). I didn’t bring my laptop and my phone is useless when I want to use it for blogging or my emails.

Nevertheless, I am back but not for long. Next month, I need to go back to school because it’s the start of the school year and oh boy, this upcoming school is going to be tougher but I will use my remaining days (it sounds like I have an inevitable death which is yes, I have and it’s called “school year”) to blog again.

Also, because I took a vacation in Baguio (and took a lot of photos), I will post about that and other stuffs like book reviews which I missed doing!

I hope you enjoyed this post. I’ll see you all in the next post! Bye!

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