My Blogging Status (2)


Once again, I had lacked as a blogger and I feel so guilty. I haven’t been posting and interacting with my fellow bloggers and I abandoned my blog.

Last time I made this kind of post, I promised that I will focus on my blog and get my priorities straight and now, that seems like a false promise. I had my reasons for being absent which was explained on this post but that’s not enough.

The problem is still me. I am still having problems with keeping my priorities straight and being productive. All I do now is stay in bed and be unproductive without realizing my responsibility with my blog and now, I’m kind of beating myself for it.

I feel like I’m always letting my readers down and, I make promises I can’t keep. Another thing is that I feel uninspired to do blogging anymore, that I have lost my interest on writing and publishing posts and earlier this day, I’ve thought of deleting this blog for good.

It seems like I have abuse my summer vacation to do nothing responsible and unproductive and writing this, I’m beating myself up for these terrible mistakes I did and I can’t help it. I made a promise in the past to focus on blogging and what did I do? The opposite of it!

The worse is I feel like I’m not going to improve. I’ve been a lousy blogger and I feel like I’m not going to develop into the responsible blogger I once was. I feel like I’m stuck on being irresponsible, lazy, uncreative, inefficient mess.

I’m afraid of making another promise to focus on my blog because I feel like I’m not going to fulfill it again but one thing is I’m going to try. I will try on improving myself. I will try to go back on track. It’s not going to be easy but I’ll try. I’m not going to make any promises but right now, after pouring my feeling and beating myself up, I feel determined.

And also next time, I will notify you all if I’m going on a break (I should definitely do that!) and I’m going to stop whining.

More post is coming your way! I hope you enjoyed this post even though I evidently beat myself up and whine all throughout the post. I’ll see you soon, bye!

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