The Blue Sky Tag


Today, I’ll be doing the Blue Sky Tag. I was nominated by Sithara from Musings of A Mellow Mind. Thank you Sithara for nominating me and sorry for just doing it now since you tagged me last month! Anyways, check her blog! It’s amazing!


  1. Thank the person who tagged you
  2. Answer their 11 questions
  3. Tag 11 people
  4. Give them 11 questions to answer


  • How long has it been since you started blogging?

I started blogging on April 6, 2015 so I am blogging for 2 years now. It’s been a hard but very fun journey!

  • What is the best thing you like about blogging?

What I like about blogging is just I have the chance to write about things that I love or to write about my feelings and express it.

  • Do you prefer a sunrise or sunset?

Definitely the sunset. It’s just so cool!

  • The stars or the moon?

Stars! For me, stars are more interesting.

  • Would you rather read the book or watch the movie?

I’m guessing you’re asking if I would read the book or just watch the adaptation, amirite? If that’s it, I’ll read the book. I usually hate movies based from books

  • Are you an introvert or extrovert?

I’m a mix to be honest.  I think it’s called “ambivert”.

  • What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?

Maybe the best thing that has ever happened to me is when Tyler Oakley liked my tweet. I knew that Tyler was going to be a guest on the Ellen show and I tweeted my reaction and the next minute, I saw a notification that he liked it and I gasped!

  • Do you or would you ever read fan fiction?

I do but it’s only because someone told me to.

  • What is your favorite social networking site?

Twitter or Instagram. I can’t pick one.

  • Do you have siblings? If not, who would you prefer to have, a brother or a sister?

Yes. I have two siblings: an older sister and younger brother. So, I’m the middle #YayForTheMiddles

  • What is/was your favorite subject at school?

Obviously, Mathematics! Who doesn’t love math? I love geometry, calculus, quadratic equeations, linear equations, inequalities, slope, etc. Math is the greatest subj – of course not Math! I hate Math. My favorite is probably Science.


I couldn’t tag 11 bloggers since bloggers I know already did this but if I’m wrong and you still haven’t done this, you’re free to do this tag!


  1. What is your favorite music up to this date?
  2. Who/what is your blogging inspiration?
  3. Favorite type of chocolate?
  4. You’re trapped in a desert and there’s a box in front of you. What thing would you like inside that box?
  5. Your dream job when you were a kid?
  6. If you can have a superpower, what power would you like?
  7. Star Wars or Star Trek?
  8. Marvel or DC?
  9. Favorite movies
  10. Did you ever steal something?
  11. If you would write a book, what is it about?

That’s all! I hope you enjoy reading this post. I would see you soon! Bye!


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