It’s Been Hell!



I am back from a tiresome and dull journey filled with homeworks, school projects, exams, drama and other annoyances in life. At last, I am back to the blogosphere where I can finally share what happened to me and how I braved my nuissances in life. (Okay, I’ll stop. It’s cheesy, I know)

– It’s just the second month of my school year and BOY OH BOY, I am done with all of these hectic schedules and schoolworks. Throughout the 2 whole months, I had many quizzes on every subject and homeworks but working on the ratio, I can say there were more quizzes than homeworks which I am not fine. I’d rather write all day and search for answers in  every question of a homework rather than memorize every tiny bit of information in my notes or books that might not appear in a quiz!

– What’s more annoying than quizzes and homeworks? Exams! Last week, we had our exams and I did not prepare well. My motivation and productivity was literally out of the place, like, there’s none present. But, I still think that I did great on my exams which is kinda true. I got my results this week and I did not fail but was I happy about the score? Definitely not! I could have done better of course but it’s just the first one. I’ll make it up next time.

– There’s more than that my friends! There are also PROJECTS! (cue dramatic background music) They are the biggest horrors of any student! Throughout the two months, we had a lot of projects (such as an interpretation of one of Igor Stravinsky’s composition or doing a speech choir about Helen of Troy) and right now, I am still doing projects such as a short film about flood awareness (I’m editing the whole thing), a report about the growth of the early Church and report about operating systems.

– Part of my self care is journaling. Just writing down on how my day went or highlight of the day or just my thoughts. I got into journaling the beginning of the year and abandoned it on March because March was such a busy month! And I thought that I can do it on summer. Nope, I did not. And right now, I regained my motivation to do it again. Well, bit by bit, I am getting there. The hassle is recording what happened on March and on the summer vacation because there were some highlight (like Prom, a trip to Baguio and so on!)

–  Last note is that I’m currently obsessed with Kinky Boots (it’s a musical). I got into it because I knew Brendon Urie would be starring as Charlie Price. But what made me really obsessed with it is the original cast and the songs. Stark Sands and Billy Porter are so amazing and the songs? Very freaking dope and catchy! Go listen to it! It’s on Spotify.

And that’s where I’ll be ending. I hope you enjoy that post and I hope I post a lot more (nervous laughter)! Anyways, I’ll see you soon! Bye!


Any thoughts?

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