I Am Back

Hello there!


I am back! So so sorry for being inactive for like 2 weeks. There was so much to do these past weeks such as projects and requirements, and exams. Also, a lot happened so here’s a recap!

– I just realized that I haven’t listen to any songs other than musicals for like 3 or 4 months. Insane, right? Well, blame the musicals because musicals are so amazing! I recommend each and everyone of you to listen to one and get immersed. You won’t regret it. Speaking of musicals, I am obsessed with Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 and I am so sad because the show’s last performance will be on September 3. It was a really really great musical. Even though it’s ending, everyone can still support so please do. Listen the album on Spotify (there’s one for the Original Cast and Original Broadway Cast) or watch it if you can afford it.

– Last last week, there was a lot of projects and requirements to be done and most of them was to be submitted on August 11, which is just crazy. All those days, I was thinking “August 11 will be the death of me”. There was a letter to our president about unemployment, a video of a flash mob we did in my school, a brochure about anti-alcoholism and anti-smoking and a reaction and reflection paper in our Christian Formation. These were all hard to do.

– The following week was exam week. It’s our first periodical exam and boy oh boy was it a pain in the butt. There were a lot of things to be memorized and studied such as Iliad and Oddysey, biomes and how DNA are made, and herbal medicines. This was a lot you guys. Though, I think I did really good, both at reviewing and having the exam. Here’s hoping to have good scores! (I wrote this 14 days ago and continuing this. I already got my test and the results are good, I din’t fail or had any low scores. Some were really really high so I’m happy.

– I joined a speech choir competition and we’ve already competed. Spoiler alert: we won! Anyways, the practice were really really hard and tiring. Everything needs to be perfect from the actions, the way we speak and pronounce the word and our facial expressions. Our teacher (which is my classmate by the way. She’s really great) is strict yet kind (she always shout “TOP!”). Jump to the day of the competition, we were stressed and nervous. My voice is a little cracked. Then, it was our time to perform. My legs were shaking and being on stage is nerve-racking. a lot of people is watching you and you may commit one mistake. You may say the wrong word and disrupt the whole performance. It was intense. After the performance, after getting down, we were so happy because we knew we did our best and it was almost perfect ( just little flaws. No one noticed them except from us ). Jump to the announcement of winner, we were nervous but then our principal (it’s a school competition) had us shocked (or shookt) when she offers the trophy immediately before the announcement of the champion. Talk about spoiler alert. Anyways, we still didn’t expect because everyone was good and then it was announced the we won and I wasn’t listening. My co-members were already jumping out of excitement and I was just standing there but then I realized that we won and oh my god, it was the best feeling ever.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this post. I’ll be back for more. Goodbye!


It’s Been Hell!



I am back from a tiresome and dull journey filled with homeworks, school projects, exams, drama and other annoyances in life. At last, I am back to the blogosphere where I can finally share what happened to me and how I braved my nuissances in life. (Okay, I’ll stop. It’s cheesy, I know)

– It’s just the second month of my school year and BOY OH BOY, I am done with all of these hectic schedules and schoolworks. Throughout the 2 whole months, I had many quizzes on every subject and homeworks but working on the ratio, I can say there were more quizzes than homeworks which I am not fine. I’d rather write all day and search for answers in  every question of a homework rather than memorize every tiny bit of information in my notes or books that might not appear in a quiz!

– What’s more annoying than quizzes and homeworks? Exams! Last week, we had our exams and I did not prepare well. My motivation and productivity was literally out of the place, like, there’s none present. But, I still think that I did great on my exams which is kinda true. I got my results this week and I did not fail but was I happy about the score? Definitely not! I could have done better of course but it’s just the first one. I’ll make it up next time.

– There’s more than that my friends! There are also PROJECTS! (cue dramatic background music) They are the biggest horrors of any student! Throughout the two months, we had a lot of projects (such as an interpretation of one of Igor Stravinsky’s composition or doing a speech choir about Helen of Troy) and right now, I am still doing projects such as a short film about flood awareness (I’m editing the whole thing), a report about the growth of the early Church and report about operating systems.

– Part of my self care is journaling. Just writing down on how my day went or highlight of the day or just my thoughts. I got into journaling the beginning of the year and abandoned it on March because March was such a busy month! And I thought that I can do it on summer. Nope, I did not. And right now, I regained my motivation to do it again. Well, bit by bit, I am getting there. The hassle is recording what happened on March and on the summer vacation because there were some highlight (like Prom, a trip to Baguio and so on!)

–  Last note is that I’m currently obsessed with Kinky Boots (it’s a musical). I got into it because I knew Brendon Urie would be starring as Charlie Price. But what made me really obsessed with it is the original cast and the songs. Stark Sands and Billy Porter are so amazing and the songs? Very freaking dope and catchy! Go listen to it! It’s on Spotify.

And that’s where I’ll be ending. I hope you enjoy that post and I hope I post a lot more (nervous laughter)! Anyways, I’ll see you soon! Bye!

I Survived Hell That Was 9th Year

Hello there!


First of all, BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BLOG! My blog just turned two years old yesterday and I celebrated by taking a day off, rewatching and finishing season 1 of iZombie.

I just want to thank you all for the massive support you’ve shown to me and my blog over the two years. It’s always a thing I say but it’s just so heart-warming that people I don’t even know in real life are here, ready to support me in every way they can. I’m so glad you, guys, exist because without you all, I wouldn’t be here right now, doing blogging, a thing that went from a hobby to a thing that I’m passionate about and a thing I love! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Now, to the actual topic of this post, my 9th year experience.

Last Tuesday, April 4, I had my recognition day and it’s my first time attending in recognition in my high school life because the school, in the past years, are only giving recognition to those who made it to the Top 10 but there’s a change of academic curriculum here in our country so the Top 10, even the ranking, was a thing in the past.

During Recognition, even the day before which is our practice for the recognition, I can’t help to contimplate on my 9th year experiences. Going home, it just sinked in and I said to myself “I’m done with Grade 9! I survived Grade 9!”

What can I say about Grade 9 is that it’s a hell of a ride, which is exactly what I was expecting. Before the start of the school year, you’ll just see these Facebook posts or tweets saying that Grade 9 is the worst year in high school, and I’ll agree. Besides of the unending homeworks and quizzes, the late nights I spend reviewing a lot of terms in Science and laws in Social Studies regarding agriculture and employment, and requirements and projects that needs a lot of effort, there was something underneath Grade 9 that made it a lot stressful.

Number 1 is that I’ve never been so emotional, not until this year. I’m faced with lot of dillemas and internal conflict and other than that,  I had problems with socializing and whom I will call a friend or not. I felt lonely and hated. Other than myself, there was a lot of drama (to be honest, I love drama, I live for drama and I breathe drama) in my section and sometimes, I was caught in the middle of crossfires of my friends.

But, obviously, Grade 9 isn’t always about drama and schoolworks. This year, I felt closer with my friends. I’ve made new friends since there were 5 transfarees. I felt comfortable with my other classmates. I’ve said that I felt lonely but in the course of time, that faded away because my friends was there for me and I’ve felt that I had someone in my back. These friends, I’ve had fun with them that was nothing in comparison when I was on 7th and 8th grade. I’ve shared my problems and secrets with them and they were there when I needed them. What could I ask more?

Grade 9, indeed, was a tough year but it was the most memorable one. I’ve had a lot of fun and new experiences in the course of the school year. This year is just one of a kind, and if there’s a time machine, I would relive every fun moment of the school year!

But there’s a big catch, if Grade was hell of a ride, what could Grade 10 be?

I hope you enjoyed this post. I’ll start posting about other stuffs now, like book reviews, not just about my life anymore. I’ll see you soon! Bye!

This Past Few Weeks…

Hello there!


First of all, I know that I have been lacking because of school but I cannot blame school anymore because my school year is over and it’s finally our vacation so the reason why I have been lacking is me. I have been unproductive lately and I don’t know which one to prioritize but I’ll talk about this matter on another blog post.

As you have know, I have been absent in the blogosphere for weeks but that is because of school entirely, not me, but a lot has happened and I want to share it all to you guys so here it is!

– From March 14 to 17, I had my Finals and boy oh boy, they’re tough. I only remember bits and pieces from this week or so I call “Hell Week”, but here’s what I do. First is I failed my Math test so that made me pretty upset because it’s the Finals and I still keep getting failing grades on tests! Second is being challenged by my Trigonometry, Science and Computer test. These were the “Boss” of the “Hell Week” especially Science.

– After hell week, it’s Drama Feast 2017! From the name of it, each section from our year level needs to prepare a stage play. The fest happened at March 23. We were planning this for 3 weeks I guess and all of us were just happy we pulled it off. There were 4 sections and three of them picked a light stage play, usually the comedy ones, but us, our section, picked a stage play that was just so heavy in emotions. Trust me, we were in the backstage, just crying, hearing the actors have their dramatic scenes. Our experience on the stage was absolutely stressful because we had problems with the lapels but after all of that, we were all happy that we made it through without a really big complication

– The day before our Drama Fest was the Robotics Fair. It was fun but we also have our technical rehearsals for the play the same day so we’re a bit mad that we could have just used the time spend on the Robotics Fair for the practice. Personally, the fair was fun but yes, I think we should have used the time for the practice instead of the fair because nothing happened that much.

– The week after, which is the week right now, we had our oral defense for the business plan I was talking about the previous post. To be honest, we didn’t very well. One of the panelist just asked so many questions irrelevant to the actual product then we have to answer a question about adsorption which we didn’t answer quite well.

– The same day as our oral defense, the honor roll was announced and guess what? I’M ON THE LIST! So, the next day, I received the letter of recognition which was basically a confirmation that I joined the honor roll and it was addressed to your parents. I’m just so happy because it’s one of my goals to be included in the honor roll so I’m satisfied. Also, the same day I received the letter, I had two morning coffees from McDo. Not spon, just saying!

– Last but not the least, the day after the Drama Fest (I know the events are not arrange in proper date, but this has to be the finale because this is amazing), we had our Promenade! Yes, so I got to wear a suit and I look dashing (no, I’m just being narcissistic). Did I dance with some girls? Yes, they were my friends, no more than that! Why am I getting defensive? Also, the weekend after the prom, I was a ringbearer at my relatives’ wedding.

– Another thing, I’ve been obsessed with Daredevil (finished season 1) and Legion (seriously! THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS EVER)

Okay, that was all. I hope you enjoyed this post and you’ll see me again tomorrow with another post. Bye!

Why Is The 1st Week of 2017 Stressful?

Hello there!


Wow! 2017 welcomed me with a stressful week with school! Good job, 2017, for proving you’re better than 2016! Anyways, it’s just the first few days of 2017 so I’ll let this pass. The thing is I’m greeted with lots of projects, homeworks and tests this week and I’m used to it. I handled it but there are just some times you want to shout because of all the stresss.

> One of the highlights was on Tuesday, our first school day of 2017. In English time, we listened to the radio play, Sorry, Wrong Number by Lucille Fletcher, and IT WAS SO AMAZING! The radio play was suspense and it was totally suspense. The story was so amazing and the actor too! She delivered the emotions very well and it’s so suspense because you don’t know what’s going to happen next. I recommend searching it if you don’t know this radio play and listen to it!

> I got a ABC Daily Journal by my friend on Christmas party and I’ve been using it over the past few days (although I missed 2 days) and I’ve been enjoying it. It’s great that you can write how your day went and simultaneously designed it by your own will. I recommend trying journaling for those of you!

> ED SHEERAN IS BACK! Finally, he’s back with two singles, Castle on The Hill and Shape of You and both are amazing songs! I can’t stop listening to it. If you’re going to ask which one of my favorite is, please don’t because both are amazing and I can’t choose. That’s how amazing it is!

> Our teachers from my school greeted us not with kindness but with schoolworks. We have 4 projects on English (a radio play about either David Swan or The Cask of Amontillado, also that’s why we listened to Sorry, Wrong Number), Computer (a 3D motherboard), Science (a video about chemical reactions and how it affects life and environment and we got Cellular Respiration and how it affects life and the environment), and Music (a song about the Romantic period or Romantic music). And then we have quizzes and homeworks.

> As a form of relaxation, my friend and I went to a mall and I use the money my aunts, uncles and grandparents gave to me on Christmas party to buy stuffs. I bought two clothes, one with the print Love Is Viral (the design is amazing), and a gray t-shirt with kind of a marble texture (the design is amazing too!). Also, I bought Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard! I didn’t buy a lot because I don’t want to waste all of my money.

That’s all I got for you guys (WOAH I TURNED TO LIZA KOSHY!) (Also, I lov Liza Koshy. She’s amazing and one of my favorite YouTubers). Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you next time!


What The Hell Happened in my 2016?

Hello there!


Before 2016 leaves and 2017 comes, I just want to reminisce the events and highlights that had happened in my life because although 2016 has been rough, it’s not that bad after all. I had some ups and a lot of happy moments and I just want to remember that and posting it in here would help me to preserve the memories of this year.

January to March 2016 was my last school months as a Grade 8 pupil. Grade 8 was a really bad school year for me. I had a lot of failing scores in my tests, I was just lucky that I still got good grades. I didn’t join the top 15 which pissed me off. Although this was bad, it definitely made me motivated to do better next school year.

As I experienced the first three months of 2016, I begin stressing because I’m going to finish Grade 8 and head back to Grade 9 which is already crazy because I’m just years away from college which is another crazy thing, then I started thinking about jobs, finance, my own house, starting my own career, etc. I just went crazy.

Although January to March was crazy, I can’t help thinking about leaving my classmates and friends and not seeing each other in two months because I had a lot (and I mean a LOT!) of happy moments with them and I realized how much I’m going to miss them.

Then summer came and it was the worst summer I’ve ever encountered. First of all, it was so boring, just staring at my phone or computer all day. Second of all, I felt how hard it is to have a broken family. It’s hard, I have to tell you that. My father is always going home late and sometimes drunk and it is just too much for me to handle. We sometimes fight and one time, it led me where I almost run away from home my sister wasn’t around because she had an internship in another place.

Then another school year came. I’m Grade 9. I was more nervous than Grade 8 or even Grade 7 and there are plenty of reasons. First of all, the school now has Grade 11 and 12 which means a lot of people and that means I have higher social anxiety. Second of all, we’re in a new campus where the college studies. Third of all, everyone says Grade 9 is the hardest school year ever and I pretty much believe it. Fourth of all, new teachers which mean I need to adapt to their style.

Grade 9 is yes, so hard and stressful, yet I’m doing well! I have the motivation to study and to perform well! Grade 9 can be really stressful but it is so fun! The new teachers were amazing! I got used at the new campus immediately and I’m handling my social anxiety pretty well! Also, there were transferees and I’m friends with them! There’s a lot of experiences I had in this current school year and I’m going to share a few of them!

First of all, our class went to the Moot Court (like the court where lawyers and the judge go an there’s criminals and all that stuff) and it was exciting! Basically, we have this role play in the English class about Lord Randal (the Middle English period ballad) where we determine who killed him and of course, there were judges and lawyers and the convicted and we held it on the Moot Court of the school and it was thrilling!

Then we had our Intramurals which is exciting! The whole grade 9 is team Blue Falcons. This is exciting because I joined a competition in the Intramurals which the dance competition. It’s very significant for me because I finally exited my comfort zone. Anyways, this year’s Intramurals was amazing. We’re in a new venue, we were cheering so hard for our team, we were so close to winning! It was memorable!

Then we had our recognition for 1st and second semesters/quarters. It was just a simple recognition for being on the honor roll but it’s not simple for me! I maintained to be on the honor roll for 2 quarters and that’s bloody insane! I got this certificate which I probably had lost (OH NO!). anyways, I have no picture of the certificate saved but we had this “class picture” but I won’t show you that because I’m freaking ugly there.

Those were probably the best highlight I could for Grade 9.That doesn’t mean I had no stress or problems in this school yeear. First of all, I wasn’t emotionally okay the whole school year because I had started making assumptions that everyone hates and rejecting me based on how they act when I’m around. It feels like I’m the eveil one is the whole class and it sucks. When we had this sharing in the whole class, I said that and some of them was disagrreing which is good but others just fell silent.

Also, school is stressful! We all know that. It’s very stressful especially for me. I had a scholarship to maintain, a blog to care, an online magazine to manage and etcetera. This year has been stressful!

But one thing to look at is this year has been full of opportunities! Here are some goals I achieved throughout the year:

  • I manage to run an online magazine called The Artistics which is so amazing. I would also like to thank the staff for a wonderful year of The Artistics!
  • I manage to read a lot of books this year and I have read many amazing books!
  • I restarted my blog and I like it very very much!
  • I still maintained my scholarship and remained on the honor roll!
  • I made some friends here in the blogosphere!
  • My relationship with my friends has grown stronger
  • The most stupid of them all is that I got taller. I know it’s stupid but I still count it as a goals.

This year has been full of good and bad but one thing I remember about 2016 is the lessons that made me better. 2016 has supported me, made me better, developed me and all that kind of stuff so I’m ready to strut my way to 2017!

I hope you enjoyed reading that post. Be ready for itsJerrod 2017 because I have prepared a lot for the next year. I will see you tomorrow! Bye

Crazy (but not Hell) Week

Hey guys! I need your help! Please recommend some bloggers you think I would love in the comments! I really need some new blogs to read! Thank you!



I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22 but I really had a crazy week, filled with so much adventures and I mean, I experienced a lot of schoolworks and extra-curriculars! I experience a lots of twists and turns, and ups downs and I’m not being poetic at all. This week is crazy!

>> I forgot to submit my Science notebook last week so I need to submit it late. When I was about to submit it, my teacher quickly shut me off and said he would think about it. While everyone’s reporting, I’m there, worried about what’s going to happen if my teacher don’t let me pass it! At the end of the class, he actually let me pass my notebook! YAY!

>> Guess what? I almost didn’t passed my English notebook. My teacher said to pass our notebooks and when I was rummaging in my bag, I realized that I didn’t bring it. I asked my teacher what would happen if I didn’t pass it that day and he said, I’ll lose 50 points! So, my brain quickly created a plan. The plan was to go home, get my notebook, go back to the school and pass it! Guess what? It worked! Another YAY for me!

>> We’re doing a Speech Choir for our English requirement and boy, it so hard. Our piece is A Psalm of Life by Henry Wadsworth Longfelt. We have to memorize that but our teacher said, we do not need to memorize all but there’s an extra point if a group can memorize the entire piece and because our group are risk takers or we just want the extra point, we memorized the whole thing. That’s not the stressful part though. Then, after we memorized, we set the intonations of the lines and how we’re going to say it. And then comes the choreography which is really stressful! Wish us luck on Monday[yes, we’re going to perform it on Monday]

>> We finally finsihed reporting our business plan on Computer. For our Computer requirement, we need to make a business plan and report it. Our group were the last group to report. We’re so lucky right? No! There’s continouos suspension of classes and events so the reporting kept getting rescheduled but this week, we finally did it and our teacher liked our product!

>> Today, I participated in our school student publication’s training program, which is called “Intensive Training Program for Campus Journalism” and the elimination for DSPC or Divisions Schools Press Conference. It’s an annual interschool competition for members of the student publication. My category was Copyreading and Headline Writing, one of the hardest categories. The thing about this categories is it’s all about technicalities of a written piece and I kind of suck at technicalities and there are symbols and rules you need to know. I did my very best on the elimination and I hope I can join the DSPC because I never had the chance to join the competition and I want to! Oh, I really wish I can join!

Well, that was quite long than expected but I hope you enjoyed that! Don’t forget to comment some blogger recommendations!


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I Survived The Hell Week!

Hello, hello!


If you don’t know what Hell Week means for me, hello and welcome to my blog. Actually, hell week means “exams week”. Why? Because exams week is actual hell. Anyways, I survived hell week and I’m just grateful that I survived and it’s done (for now!). So, because I love telling my boring life here, here’s a recap about the hell week!

1 // Hell week is composed of 4 days. First day was Filipino (our language here), Physical Education and Trigonometry. As this is just for the 1st day, everything wasn’t anything major. Filipino and Physical Education was pretty easy. Trigonometry is actually easy! I’m actually shocked. I mean, there are some points that are difficult but that rest was just so easy. I’m surprised and shocked! Why this was so easy for me? I reviewed! Just review and you’ll get a high score.

2 // Second day is Health, Social Studies and Math. Now, this was the sign that I was actually in Hell Week. Health is easy. Social Studies though, I almost died! It was just so hard, especially the Mhor’s type part in the exam. And surprisingly, Math was easier than Social Studies! Everything is turned upside down all of the sudden. I answered the Math answers with ease and then there’s SS. Well, good luck to me!

3 // Third day is Music, Arts and English. This was hard especially Arts. Music was at least easy. There were some parts where I got really confused but overall, I did it with ease. English was moderate easy. There were really some parts that are hard and I got confused a lot but the rest, easy. Arts was hell. You need to memorize a lot. I finished reviewing for Arts at midnight because it was too many and guess what? The test was just one page. One page for thousands of terms to memorized! And with that, good luck to me!

4 // Last day was Computer and Science. I called the last day the “Final Boss” because you need to memorize a lot in these subjects. But wait. It wasn’t actually hard. I thought it was going to be hard but no, it wasn’t! Computer was easy, so easy! I thought I was going to spend the entire hour for the exam but no. Science was easy, somehow. I got confused at some parts but in general, it was easy.

5 // Today, we checked our papers in Health, PE and Filipino and guess what? My score were amazing! I wasn’t that surprise as the exams were easy. We just have to wait for the remaining subjects.

Well, there we go! A full rant about the exams. I hope you enjoyed reading thatworthless blog post.


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