Let’s Talk about Orphan Black (Part 1)

Hello there!

I just recently watch the penultimate episode of Orphan Black, which is very very intense! My favorite show (and one of the best out there. I think it can go head to head with Game of Thrones itself), Orphan Black, is coming to an end this Saturday, August 12, and personally, I am not ready!

First of all, for those of you who don’t watch Orphan Black (like why are you not watching this brilliant and amazing show?), Orphan Black is about clones.

Sarah is a street-wise woman with a troubled past as an English orphan who bounced around foster homes before being taken in by Mrs. S, who uprooted her and her foster brother, Felix, to North America. She has made bad decisions in her life but always strives to do right by daughter Kira. When Sarah witnesses the suicide of a woman, Beth (who looks like her) she decides to steal Beth’s identity — boyfriend and money included — in an attempt to begin a new life for herself and Kira, with whom Sarah hopes to reunite. But assuming Beth’s life — Sarah eventually learns that Beth was her clone — doesn’t go as smoothly as she anticipates because Beth was a cop caught in the middle of a deadly conspiracy, making Sarah the new target. Sarah must fight to stay alive while trying to escape from the complex web.

She later met other clones such as Cosima, Helena, Alison and Rachel (the other main characters). I also just want to point out that Tatiana Maslany, a great great actress, plays all of this character with Kathryn Alexandre, her double. Isn’t that amazing?

Anyways, back to what I’m actually saying. I cannot stress out on how much I love this show. When I found out that season 5 will be the last season, I was thrashing my whole bedroom. “It can’t end! No!”, I said.

Before the show’s ending, I want to dedicate a whole post just me appreciating this masterpiece because it deserves a lot of appreciation and attention. If you also love this show, do an appreciation comment below and let’s talk because I need someone to talk to.


Let me just fanboy about how brilliant and clever the concept for this show is! They’re using the concept of clones on their plot. Number 1, that is crazy. It’s amazing how they executed that on show by hiring such an amazing actress (Tatiana Maslany is queen) and doing an amazing job on the CGI! For each season, they make an amazing and interesting story arc. This season 5 story arc,  revealing the head of Neolution as a 100+ year old man who lived because of the crazy science (the big bad company of the whole show), is purely amazing!

Orphan Black cast

Now let’s move to the stars of the show, Tatiana Maslany and Kathryn Alexandre. Tatiana Maslany is a Canadian actress (Canada has a lot of good things, why?) know for her performance in Orphan Black. She won lot of awards including an Emmy award (but to be frank, she deserves a lot more!). Let me just tell you this, Tatiana Maslany is one of the best actresses out there! As I said, she plays lots of character. She portrays all of them so well that you don’t notice that it’s just one person playing all of them. You can see interviews of the cast and you’ll notice where are the actors of the clone and then you’ll just notice that the clones are played by one character. In some instances even, a clone will pretend to be another clone and Tatiana Maslany performs that kind of scenes so well. You actually know that that character is just pretending to be the other one because that’s how good she is!

Let us not forget Kathryn Alexandre. She’s a brillian actress you guys. She can totally copy what Tatiana can do. She learns everything that has to be done, how this character speaks, moves and even the little gestures! She’s amazing!

Orphan Black 2.jpg

Another star is Skylar Wexler. Some child stars are so annoying especially to me because I’m always annoyed about children and their little weird things (I probably have done those weird things, I know, but still! It’s annoying), but Skylar Wexler is very different! She’s an amazing child actress. She can act scene that are serious. Just this penultimate episode, she was crying over a funeral and you can feel the anguish her character, Kira, is feeling! She’s amazing and I hope in the future, she becomes successful.

I have said a lot of things already about how I love this show and I still want to talk about it but this post will be so long and I still have a lot to do. Anyways, just check out for part 2. I hope you enjoy this post.

Tell me, do you love Orphan Black? Why? Who are your favorite characters? How do you feel about Orphan Black ending this Saturday?



My Top 5 TV Shows



If you have been following my blog since the beginning or if you really know me, you know that I love watching (and binge-watching) TV series. If you don’t know, now you do! If I have a free time, the thing I would is watch a series.

I watch a lot of TV shows (and I mean a LOT! I’m not exaggerating) and I want to share you my top 5. It’s so hard to narrow it to only 5 because all of the series are really good but here we are Here are my top 5 TV shows!


Game of Thrones is obviously my first choice. This show is the adaptation of George R.R Martin’s book series “Song of Ice and Fire” where families of monarchs and elites fight a deadly game (hence Game of Thrones) for control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and sit on the Iron Throne.

This show is one of the best out there. It has a very compelling story! Come on, royalties fighting to control the Seven Kingdoms while having dragons and ice zombies threaten the whole kingdom, don’t tell me it’s very awesome. Not only that, this show has a powerful cast – Lena Heady (Cersei), Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) and Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) to name a few.


Legion, based on the Marvel comics, tells the story of David who thought he has schizophrenia all along, until he mets Syd. He gets involved with Melanie Bird who shows him that he has powers.

Another great TV show! The story isn’t some typical superhero story where there’s a big bad and it depends on the hero to stop the villain. It provides a fresh take on the hero story. This show also portrays the psychological aspect (as David is a telepath and he has “another personality”, you’ll see what I mean if you watch the show!) in an amazing way using lighting and technical aspects to display the mood. The cast is amazing too -Dan Stevens as David, Aubrey Plaza as Lenny and Rachel Keller as Syd.


Netflix’s Jessica Jones tells a darker and mysterious story of Jessica Jones, an ex-superhero turned private investigator, who suffers PTSD after a tragedy. She wants to do good but her priority is her apartment and getting through each rather than the safety of the world.

Just like Legion, this provides a fresh take on the hero story with a dark and mysterious story which I LOVE. This is something new for Marvel and it’s a risk but it pays. It’s also dark (I love stories that are dark) because it adds more flare to the story. Just like Legion, Jessica Jones also has a psychological aspect which they portray well.


Another Netflix show, Daredevil shows the story of Matt Murdock, lawyer at day and vigilante by night. Blinded by a mysterious chemical in a childhood accident, the chemical gave him heightened senses which he use to fight crime in Hell’s Kitchen.

Even though this superhero TV show isn’t something like Legion, it’s still an amazing TV show. What I appreciate is that the story is immersive and the characters are very well developed which makes you feel connected to the character.


97 years ago, a nuclear Armageddon destroyed civilization and the only survivors are on the Ark, 12 international spaceships unified together with 4000 people after three generations. As the Ark’s supplies dwindles, the leaders dropped 100 juvenile criminals on Earth. The 100 later finds out that people, called Grounders, have survived the nuclear Armageddon over the centuries.

I recently just finished its season 4 and it’s amazing. One thing I really like about The 100 is that every season has a very interesting story arc, from Mount Weather (season 2) to Praimfaya or a radiation wave (season 4), which keeps you engaged and immersed in the show. They also has  very well developed characters with different amazing internal conflicts.

So, that’s my Top 5 TV series. I hope you enjoyed this post and tell me, what’s your favorite TV shows and do you have any recommendations? See you soon, bye!

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